December 26, 2011

Oh Shenandoah

Well I suppose I finally got myself in the Christmas spirit just in time for it to be all over. The Shenandoah Valley is a place of healing and being around family definitely helps. It only took us a whopping 19 hours and driving through 9 states to get us from Nebraska to Virginia. We drove through the night which was not exactly eventful but that's the point. Of course we are able to bring our doggy Blanca along when we drive instead of fly.

These were all taken in my parents backyard.

The weekend started early Christmas Eve morning with a short hike. We went just up the road from my parents' house thinking we might be able to get to the top of a ridge. The air was crisp and the ground was soggy. We didn't ever find the trail that branched off to get us to the top but we did enjoy walking along a lovely stream. Blanca was thrilled to run freely through the woods. We all needed the fresh Appalachian air in our lungs, it really does wonders for the soul. I was surprised at how vibrant everything still is considering it's winter.  Being here has been a much needed break from the lack of Nebraska scenery.

Christmas Eve afternoon we enjoyed time with my Grandma, uncle, my sister and her family. It was wonderful seeing everyone and getting to spend time with them. Unfortunatly it was a great reminder of how disconnected you become when you live far away for each other. I long for stronger deeper relationships and am ready to be in a more permanent place, preferably closer to family.

My Grandma makes the most beautiful wreaths and has been making them for as long as I can rememeber. I was happy she made one just for me this year. She loves to use tree trimmings and elements from nature to adorn them. They have a lovely sent.

Christmas Eve was a nice time spent with family. Christmas day was more relaxed and spent with my parents. It's nice to have a relaxing Christmas day. We went to church, had a nice lunch, then opened presents and enjoyed a nice dinner together. The weather here is gorgeous! I look forward to enjoying it and hope it stays this way through the next week. Since we get to stay until after the New Year!

I'm hoping y'all had a wonderful Christmas weekend too and were able to spend time with those dear to you. What was your favorite Christmas gift? I hope you will get to enjoy it for many days to come.

Blanca's favorite gift was a giant Nylabone, we got the biggest one we could find. Hopefully it will last a while.
Of course having such a wonderful outdoor space to explore and enjoy is her second favorite gift.

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