December 6, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday (calendars)

With all my posts about calendars I figured I would have to share a tidbit I learned a while ago. I'm a lover of organization and all the tools, gadgets, gizmos, papers, and colored markers that will aide me in my quest. I can remember being in college learning to be a teacher and sitting down with one of my mentors. I always prided myself on my ability to appear together and organized. I had my color coded calendar on my lap as we sat and talked. When it came for the time to schedule our next meeting I opened my calendar to make note of it. That's when she shared some advice that I've never forgotten.

ALWAYS write on your calendar with a pencil! 

The busyness of life mandates flexibly.  You need to be able to erase and re-write things with ease. Nothing I mean NOTHING would drive me crazier than having a cluttered calendar with things crossed out and re-written. So that's why I will only write on my calendar with pencil. If there is something important I want to stand out and really want to make sure to remember. I place an appropriate sticker on the date. For example birthdays I always put a cupcake or birthday related sticker, appointments get a star, anniversaries get a heart. It's quite fun to hunt for just the right stickers for your calendar. It really streamlines things and then when you just glance at your calendar the reminders stand out to you and you don't have to stop and read and decode what you wrote down. The stickers are usually easy to remove too.

Is it weird that I actually enjoy setting up my calendar every year? I feel like it helps me to remember all those birthdays and other important dates. I've always used a dry erase calendar at school and I find it very fun to change that one monthly! So I just let the world know I have at least 2 calendars.  I think I just realized I might have a slight obsession with calendars. It's not even that my life is really that crazy, I just like the organized feeling of a calendar I think it helps me feel in control :)

This year when you pick out your calendar get yourself some stickers! And be sure to keep a pencil nearby so you're not tempted to write with the permanency of a pen. I hope I'm not the only one that's crazy about keeping things organized, please share if you have any good tidbits on calendars or organizing in general. Happy planning for the new year, it's just around the corner!

June is my most favorite month of all :)

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