January 23, 2012


The weather here in Nebraska is getting COLD. According to the locals it's been a "mild" winter so far. It's actually been bearable, at least until the wind blows. I like to think it's been a "mild" winter because I'm here and I was really hoping that the winter wouldn't be bad at all. It sure is starting to get really COLD though.

I know it's really COLD and that I don't want to be outside because two things happen:

#1 When I go outside icicles instantly form inside my nostrils.

#2 When I take Blanca on a walk she goes potty much faster than usual and then wants to go right back inside.

Did I mention that my dog Blanca is what we like to lovingly call a Lusky or Labsky? She's a lab, husky mix. Shes loves the snow and ice! She makes sure to run as fast as she can when we're putting ice in our drinks in hopes of getting a piece. She almost always does. I've never heard of a cheaper dog treat before. I know if Blanca doesn't even want to be outside then I certainly don't.

My husband A.K.A. the Cookie Monster and I were discussing this change in weather. I was of course complaining about how cold I was. He mentioned that his employees were complaining about the same thing all day. He said that he finally looked at them and said, "It makes you feel alive, doesn't it"? It's amazing that such a simple statement can stop and make you think.

I've actually been thinking it about it quite a bit the last few days. Each time a negative thought or complaint pops into my mind I think to myself, "It  makes you feel alive, doesn't it"? Maybe the cold weather stinging our ears, the winter blues, the aching in our bones and all the other things we feel are just reminders that we are alive and we should live life to the fullest.

It's great to feel alive!

If only we knew what Blanca was thinking? This picture was taken on a cold day in Colorado.

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