February 8, 2012

Clam Pizza

If you're still trying to get over the disappointing loss that the Patriots endured in the recent Superbowl you are not alone. I might have just the recipe to help console your broken heart, Clam Pizza. Yes it might sound a bit strange but don't be so quick to judge. This New England inspired pizza is sure to brighten your spirit. It's simple to make and is packed with flavor. This is not the typical greasy, heavy sitting pizza. It's an absolute fresh delight and I highly recommend it. 

You might ask where I came up with such a concept? I'm always on the look out for recipes. I have binders full of recipes I've collected from the lids of jars, backs of boxes, magazines and newspapers. We came across this recipe when I was waiting in the hospital to get my CAT scan done (not fun). There was just one small section of a day old paper sitting on the table. I showed my husband the recipe and he immediately took a picture with his phone. Thank God for technology because it was one less recipe I had to find a spot for in my huge collection. My husband was really excited about this recipe, he went out and got all the ingredients and made it for us. He did an excellent job and we will definitely have to make it again in the future!

There were only a few things we did differently:
  1. made our own crust, you can find the recipe HERE
  2. brushed the crust with olive oil
  3. used 3 cloves of garlic instead of 1, we love garlic
  4. used more cheese
*If you plan to use your own crust you will probably have to cook the pizza longer. We left ours in the oven at 425 degrees for 20 minutes*

P.S. I bought the domain name Creating Through Life, YAY! Everything is supposed to transfer over smoothly but if you have any trouble you might want to make sure the web address is www.creatingthroughlife.com instead of creatingthroughlife.blogspot.com

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