February 2, 2012

Ideas Gone Bad

I get new ideas all the time. Usually when I get a new idea I can't get it out of my mind and I begin to visualize the results. There is nothing worse than having an idea and finally getting around to creating it and the results turn out nothing like the visual you had in your head. Please say that you can relate?

Heather over at Pinfluence shared her Valentine's Day countdown chain printable with 14 Bible verses about love. You can find it here. I thought it would be awesome to incorporate those verses into a Paper Heart Wreath like the one the Hybrid Chick made below.

I had it all planned out in my head and thought it would be easy enough. I was also excited that I already had most of the materials. I haven't been feeling that great lately so I haven't been creating much of anything. I haven't even been to the pottery studio in a couple weeks. When I realized that it was already February I rushed to get everything ready for the wreath that I was visualizing.

I got it all put together and thought it looked pretty good although it didn't turn out quite like I was expecting. I hung it on the door in excitement and told the Cookie Monster to let me know what he thought. He asked me why it wasn't round? I told him it was supposed to be that way but I was actually not very confident in the shape myself so I took a heart off which helped a little.

I was planning on taking a picture the following day and writing a nice little post about my new wreath but when I woke up I discovered a broken heart. This paper wreath wasn't very strong and it had fallen apart. So I decided to reinforce it with some hot glue and take a few more hearts off to round it out some more. Well I made it much worse and became very frustrated. This was definitely not turning out like I had planned.  I gave up on it, it was at the point of no return. I snapped a quick picture before I took it down.

What do you think about that ribbon? I once thought that ribbon was pretty... After I snapped this picture I realized it looks like bacon. Is it just me? Maybe it's the crinkling? Have you ever had an idea gone bad?


  1. It is funny that you posted this because I have about 5 projects that started out as amazing ideas but when I was finished (if I even got that far) they did not turn out even close to how I imagined them. I wanted to post those "flops" in an amusing way since I have only really posted "success stories". I just want to show life is not perfect even though on my blog you might think so! Hehe Thanks for sharing. PS. I think you are just being hard on yourself :P

    1. I'm glad you can relate :) You should definitely take some time to share your "flops."

  2. Thanks for the shout out! :)

    Your idea was SO GOOD! But yeah, your ribbon has me craving some bacon & eggs! :)

    You know I've had fails! Crockpot Lasagna, DIY Eye Makeup Remover, that horrid tshirt necklace! LOL


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