February 23, 2012

Jewelry & Chocolate

I don't know too many girls who wouldn't love some new jewelry & some chocolates. I was blessed with both this Valentine's Day! I know I'm a little behind but I'm just now able to enjoy my loot. Did you get anything special?

I can't remember the last time my husband got me a Valentine's Day gift. We usually make a yummy dinner together and sometimes he gets me a potted plant. This year he got me a bracelet! It might be because he felt bad that I had to have surgery. I've been really excited about this bracelet. Unfortunately I've been stuck in the house still recovering, so I've worn it and admired it while lounging. It makes me feel nice though.

I've been wanting a bracelet that has the quote "not all who wonder are lost" by ~Tolkien. I'm quite a wanderer but I wouldn't consider myself lost ;) Because of my wandering my husband isn't too fond of even grocery shopping with me, I can get very distracted from the task.

My new bracelet is so awesome! I'm disappointed I didn't discover this company sooner. It's made by HorseFeathers Gifts, a mother daughter team. You can read the inspiring story about how the company started HERE. My husband got me a Wide Cuff in the color Pewter. With a Quote and feather charm. The neat thing about the bracelet is that it's interchangeable. The Quote and charms can easily be changed. I had entirely too much fun taking pictures of my new bracelet. I consider it to be a wearable piece of art.

I'm really impressed with the quality and care that was put into this bracelet. Sometimes cuff bracelets are bulky feeling and the leather is hard. That's not the case with this bracelet. It's made of soft leather and the genius way it clasps in the back allows the bracelet to lay surprisingly flat. I can't say enough good things about it. It even arrives wrapped up beautifully. I look forward to getting more pieces from this company in the future. You should check them out at horsefeathersgifts.com 


On top of getting a bracelet I was sent the most delicious box of chocolates from my parents. They came from Shenandoah Fine Chocolates and were a welcome reminder of the valley. The Apple Pie truffle was my favorite! It reminded me of the Apple Blossoms that are celebrated every year in the Spring. 

If you are ever in the area of Winchester, Virginia you should stop by. They even have what they call the Chocolate Bar Restaurant that serves a variety of foods & drinks. You can go to shenandoahfinechocolates.com to find out more. It looks like they are working on creating an online store so hopefully those of us who aren't local can purchase their divine chocolates soon.

Just for the record I will always be honest with you. Neither one of these companies gave me anything to give a review. I just like to share good things with others. Besides if they did ever offer me anything you would be the first to know because I would love to have a giveaway!


  1. Tell me if you see when the online store goes up - yum!!

    1. I will. I sent them an e-mail and found out they only have one chocolatier and they are overwhelmed right now. I think they take phone orders.

  2. Hi Katherine! We were so excited to find this post! We do need to make one slight correction though-the line is actually made by Lenny & Eva-you can visit us at www.lennyandeva.com-and read our about page too, if you wanna learn about us:) Horsefeathers is one of our retailers where you can purchase our cool pieces and add to your collection. We also have over 600 other retail locations across the US and Canada, so maybe your readers from "afar off" can get their hands on some L&E inspiration too! Hope you have a fantastic day, Kellie-founder, Lenny & Eva, Inc.

    1. Thanks so much for the correction! I had no clue... I thought that Lenny & Eva was the name they called that particular collection. I wondered if Horsefeathers was the actual maker so I contacted them but never heard back. I'm glad you stopped by :)


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