February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend

Do you have any plans for Super Bowl weekend? One of my favorite things about a Super Bowl party is of course the food. Last year was a lot of fun. Our friends who are from Wisconsin threw a Super Bowl party with none other than CHEESE as the theme. That was the day I became addicted to cheese curds :) 

This year the plan is just to relax at home. We aren't big football fans anyway but we might turn it on for the commercials. If I was going to have a Super Bowl Bash I might make:

A big pot of chili and homemade Cheeze-its. You can find the Cheeze-its recipe HERE.


These delicious pub cheese filled, bacon wrapped wonders! You can find the recipe HERE.


Scotch eggs! I LOVE eggs and these almost look like footballs. I probably would try to add some-type of white detail on the outside with sour cream or something... You can find the recipe HERE.


Homemade Nacho Cheese!  You can find the recipe HERE.

 don't forget DESSERT

I would have to make Potato Chip Cookies :) You can find the recipe HERE.


Peanut Butter Balls. Who says these are just for the holidays? Maybe you could shape these into footballs too? Peanut Butter and chocolate is always a hit. You can find the recipe HERE.

I would look forward to what my guests were going to bring. I love it when people bring food to share! What would you bring to a Super Bowl Bash? Are you already planning to make something awesome?

No matter what your plans are I wish you a  Lovely weekend!


  1. These are all the recipes I mean to try out - they look so good, and I am so lazy! Is this what you made?

    1. You are definitely not lazy. I would say busy :) Nope I didn't make this for the Super Bowl. It was more of a dream list of what I would have made if I had plenty of people that would help me eat it all.


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