April 9, 2012

Date Night

No matter how long you've been married or even if you're not married yet I think it's important to carve out time for date night!  A time to spend with in my case, my best friend, who happens to be my husband. It's fun to schedule them in advance so you can look forward to it. I love to go on Art Walks. Most cities that embrace the arts have them once a month. In both Omaha & Lincoln it's held the first Friday of every month. I've really been wanting to see how Lincoln did their Art Walk because I wasn't very impressed with Omaha's. Omaha is still in the early stages of figuring everything out and some galleries don't show on Fridays but on the first Wednesday instead, so it's quite confusing.

Of course since we were headed to Lincoln we had to get some of that ice cream I told y'all about in the Doggy Carnival Post.

We almost missed it again! Just a few minutes before the doors automatically locked, we got in. I had my heart set on trying their Bacon Maple ice cream but they recently stopped making it (sad face). After trying a few flavors, I would have tried them all if they weren't closing, I settled on "Butter Brickle."

Yes it was good! As you can see I was enjoying it. I'm not sure what Butter Brickle is exactly I just know it was everything I wanted and more. It was rewarding to finally get some of that ice cream! Next stop was to head to the Historic Haymarket Area for the Art Walk.

We found parking a few blocks away from the action and I had lots of fun taking pictures along the way.

I love this picture! There is something about it...just makes me happy.

Isn't it great when cities put effort into making the ordinary not so ordinary? I'm a HUGE fan of public art!

I think that might be the capital down there... We'll have to go back and get some more ice cream and then tour the capital.

 Aren't old buildings great? Next we arrived at the hot spot, where many of the galleries were located. 


Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the inside because I wanted to respect the artists' wishes. Most places had signs up that said no photography. The art was really amazing though. I was very inspired!

Walking through this quaint alley was one of the entrances to a gallery. I love how art welcomes you along the way. What do you think of that light? 

 I adore it!

After exploring as many galleries as we could find, we headed towards the sunset which led us to a Surprise.

We had lots of fun goofing off around this old train station.   P.S. these rail-cars are a public display and are not in service... 

We ended our evening with a late dinner at a local brewery. We enjoyed eating outside, even though it was starting to cool off. I ordered the Prime Rib Enchiladas. Yes they were yummy! Be glad it was too dark to take a picture otherwise you would start drooling. 

Do you have any plans for a date night in the future?

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  1. So sweet, I love the journey through your night and the pics you captured, date night is so non-negotiable:)


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