April 17, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday (travel)

I'm looking forward to getting away in just a few short days! Did I tell you we had a trip to Italy planned and paid for? I've been to Italy before, it was wonderful, my husband hasn't though. We wanted to go somewhere special for our 5 year anniversary. We got an awesome deal on flights. The only problem was our trip was scheduled for just a couple weeks after I had a large cyst removed from my abdomen. We had to cancel the trip. I wasn't sure how recovery would go or if there would be any complications and going to another country didn't sound like the best of ideas.

Thankfully we got a full refund. We decided that we should take a more "local" trip instead,  just for fun, our anniversary is not actually until June. We're going to spend some much needed time with family in North & South Carolina. It's not Italy but it will be so good to be back in the SOUTH. We are really looking forward to it!

Now for the tidbit. I don't know about you but whenever I ride on a plane I'm afraid of getting infected by everyone's germs. Well the nozzles that are located above your seat that shoot out air can actually help. Instead of pointing the air away from you, position it so that it flows in front of your face. It should push those nasties away from the all important triangle (mouth and nose).

As a back-up I always bring Airborne or Emergen-C with me. Airborne sounds like it would be perfect for planes right? I actually have a few packs in my teacher bag too. It's always worked wonders for me. The moment I start to feel sick I mix some up and chug it. Apparently they make chewable tabs now, I've never tried them.

Do you have any other good travel advice? Make sure you stick around,  I have some posts scheduled so hopefully you won't even notice I'm gone.

Happy & Healthy Travels!

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  1. I hope you get back to Italy then! I'm glad you got the refund, and sorry about your surgery...glad you are OK now..and it should be nice and warm in the carolina's and you can be on the beach!!!

    I like your tidbit, thank you!!!

    1. Yes It's definitely a must to go back to Italy! Thanks for reading my tidbit :)


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