April 1, 2012

A Happy Wreath For Any Season

After my fail at making a Valentines wreath I decided that I needed to make a wreath that could be kept up no matter what the season. I love to have something right at the door that makes people feel welcome. This wreath is a perfect pop of color and a happy welcome.

What do you do to provide a warm welcome when people come to visit you?
The best part is you don't need many supplies and if you have lots of scrap fabric it's a great way to use it all up. Thankfully I still had my box of scrap fabric. The last time we moved, since we were moving from a house to an apartment, my husband kept trying to get rid of all my stuff that he didn't think was important. Somehow I managed to keep a box of random scrap fabric.  He's been bugging me ever since asking if I really need it and what could I possibly do with it all. I was happy when I was able to make one of my ideas a reality and prove that I could use a box of crazy scrap fabric for something wonderful. I think I might have impressed him a little.

Any fabric will do, you don't have to have scraps. You could plan to only use certain colors and create a pattern. The fabric needs to be cut into strips of about 5" x 1/2", cut them as close to the same size as possible. I used pinking shears, you could also use scissors or a rotary tool with a cutting  mat. It's kinda therapeutic to sit there and cut out the fabric strips.

 Did I mention you need lots of fabric strips? This basket was full of scraps and I used them all.

Use a simple knot to tie on each strip of fabric.

After I got all the strips tied on I added a banner in the middle that says WELCOME. I used felt to make the flags and the letters are buttons. 

I attached everything with hot glue. You could have your banner say anything and you could stitch the letters or use anything else you can think of. How fun would it be to make one for birthdays!?!  

 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you make one of your own.  
Get creative, it's good for the soul! 

P.S. this type of wreath would look lovely in lots of places not just hung on a door


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