November 7, 2011

1st Snow

Many of you have already experienced your first snow and it's not even winter yet! Since I'm new to the Heartland I have no idea what to expect from the weather. I did find it fascinating that my peeps in Colorado and my family in Virginia experienced snow before I did. Well I'm not as surprised about the snow in Colorado except for the fact that it was so wet and nasty. Here I was thinking that we were spared from it all. Next thing I know one day it's sunny and warm and then the next day it's snowing. There wasn't even any warning!

The snow didn't last long since it came between rain and slush, that washed it all away. My dog Blanca sure loved it, for the little time it was here. I really do believe that having Blanca is like having a child. She was comically excited. I knew it was snowing outside because she ran to the window and then proceeded to do whatever it took to get my attention. When I would look she would run back to the window.

I decided to let her out not realizing how wet it really was out there. Of course she went WILD. She proceeded to run around in circles with her mouth open. Then she would stop and eat the snow. Then she would roll around in it. Then she would try to catch more snowflakes. She could have stayed out there for hours just laying in the snow. Of course I had to document this silly dog. Hope it brings a smile to your face.

This one was my favorite :)

and there's that irresistible dog smile

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