November 10, 2011

How to Transform an Unloved Painting

If you read my post yesterday then you read all about my interesting painting class experience. The best part about about a painting that you don't like is that you can paint over it! That's exactly what I decided I was going to do with my not so loved piece. There's a quote by Teddy Roosevelt that I frequently shared with my students that I thought would be perfect for this project. "The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything." Children and adults alike are often paralyzed from accomplishing things because of the fear of making a mistake. That's what makes us human though and I would much rather live my life to the fullest and make some mistakes then do NOTHING at all! Read below to find out how you can transform one of your own unloved paintings.

    First you need to decide what kind of design you're going to make. The possibilities are endless.  I chose a quote but you can do shapes, stripes, zigzags or other patterns. Anything that can be stuck down temporarily will work like stickers, tape and stencils.  Because I chose a quote I first counted out how many of each letter I would need.

    Next I cut out the letters and laid them on the painting to figure out the placement. Then I peeled and stuck the letters to the canvas. The smaller letters I chose had more difficulty sticking then the larger ones. So if you're seeking perfection then the bigger the sticker the better. I also added 3 flower stickers.

    I painted each letter and word individually to help them stick down better and then I went over the entire painting. I used Acrylic paint and it did leak under the stickers a little. I didn't mind though because I was going for something more rustic. I also thought it would add to the theme of my quote if I had a few "mistakes." I bet that spray paint wouldn't leak as badly and also using bigger letters would help.

    Let your painting dry for a few hours and then start peeling off the letters. This part is so satisfying. Watch out it can be addictive.  So much that I walked away from the project for a minute only to return and see my husband happily peeling away. It's fun to reveal what's underneath the sticker! Peeling off those stickers was similar to peeling away layers of dead skin after a bad sunburn. Those of you who've had a bad sunburn know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't deny it!

    Lastly step back and enjoy your masterpiece, then find a grand place to hang it!

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