November 4, 2011

An Easy to make Autumn Wreath

Doors with wreaths are so welcoming. I've been wanting to hang one on my door for some time now. I have a few but none of them work. They all cover something on the door that shouldn't be covered. I have the perfect idea for a winter wreath but I'm still collecting materials and besides it's not winter yet.

The acorns I've been finding when walking Blanca inspired me to make an Autumn wreath. I've had a very clear vision in my head of an entire wreath made of acorns. So a couple weekends ago the Cookie Monster and I went for a hike at Indian Cave State Park and collected lots more acorns. Now I just needed one more thing to create this fabulous wreath that was inside my head, an actual base for all those acorns.

I decided to rummage through my crafty collection and I discovered that I had some extra foam balls. That's when the entire plan that I had in my head changed. Which was quite a good thing because then I didn't need to go out to find a base for my wreath and end up finding a LOT more, like I usually do. See below to find out how I made this super easy Autumn wreath.

Once you've gathered your materials. Wrap the yarn around each foam ball until it's covered like #2, then hot glue the end down. Repeat for each one, then glue them all together like picture #3. After that hot glue on some acorns. If the acorns little cap falls off just hot glue it back on or use the cap by itself.

I thought my wreath was missing something, so for a finishing touch I added a pretty Autumn ribbon. 

What do you think? I love it! And it provides that warm welcome that I was looking for.

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