November 8, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday (Pinterest)

Have you checked out Pinterest yet? If you're anything at all like me then you often discover great recipes, project ideas and things you love online. What do you do with all those wonderful things you discover? You probably have a HUGE favorites list! I've been known to print out recipes and project ideas I find online and then place them in a folder and forget about them.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. A place where you can pin anything you find online. You can keep all your ideas organized by category. You can also browse boards that other people have already created. It's very addictive! You can add pins from other peoples boards or you can just follow the entire board. On your Pinterest homepage are all the latest and greatest pins that those you follow have pinned. Here are a few examples of some favorite ideas I discovered on Pinterest.

Re-purpose your child's crib into a desk/art center!
This is brilliant!
You can find lots of photography tips on Pinterest. I love this Cheat Sheet!

I've found so many great ideas on Pinterest and been inspired time and time again. It's awesome to have 1 place where you can collect ideas and keep them nice and organized. If you would like to join you can do so by requesting an invite here or you can click on the red  "Follow me on Pinterest" button and click request an invite. You're going to need either a Facebook account or Twitter account to sign up. I signed up with my Facebook account and then unlinked it so that there wasn't an update on Facebook every time I pinned something. I'll look forward to seeing you on Pinterest!

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