October 27, 2011

Body Art, chapter 1

On Tuesday I posted a tidbit about the origins of the phrase "goody two-shoes." I think in the past this has been a phrase that has been used to describe me. Throughout my life I've put forth an effort to think about things before I do them and generally make "good" choices. I've always been a rule follower. Even in college I didn't do the typical experimental stuff most college students do. I've never smoked, done drugs or stepped foot in a bar or club unless a restaurant with a bar counts. When I drink I do so because I feel like it brings out the flavors in my food and I enjoy the taste.

I'm a pretty optimistic person I TRY my best to be positive and always assume positive intentions of others. Yes maybe I do strive to be "perfect" but is that such a bad thing? Does that make me a "goody two-shoes?" So what if it does? Everyone makes their own choices.

I guess what got me thinking about this was my choice to get some body art.  Overall the comments have been positive but there have been a few that have really got me thinking, "What did they mean by that?" I'm married and in my mid-twenties; I didn't decided to run out the day I turned 18 and get some ink to show my independence. Although I do feel like quite a rebel! I suppose because I knew I was making what some people could consider a "bad" choice.

One person made the comment, "wow...can't believe how much you have changed!" I didn't understand what this was supposed to mean?  Maybe that I'm not a "goody two-shoes" any more? For some reason people feel like they have the right to judge others based on appearance. People can be very opinionated when it comes to tattoos, I suppose because they feel it's such a permanent alteration of ones' body.

People make choices all the time to alter their appearances. Some might be more temporary than others and some can become permanent over time. People often change their hair through dying, perms, straightening, extensions... This alters their appearance and can add up to damage over time. What about people who don't take care of their bodies by choosing to eat unhealthy food  and not exercising regularly. This lifestyle often can led to a permanent change in appearance. What would happen if I approached a friend who gained some weight and said "Wow..can't believe how much you have changed!"

Another comment that got me thinking was when someone said to my husband that they just saw an 80 year old that was all tattooed up and that he "looked terrible." Apparently they were concerned that my husband may end up looking like this. I have quite a few thoughts on this comment.

Since when is it okay that we as humans think we have the right to comment on each others' appearances like that? I'm not denying that I've never done this before, but we have got to encourage each other and be more positive. Besides this guy was in his 80's! What is he supposed to look like after living life to the fullest? I've never been 80 before but I'm under the impression that at that age you're pretty content and feeling a lot younger than you might look on the outside. I bet that 80 year old had some great stories to share about all his tattoos.

Well I think I may have ruffled enough feathers for now. I hope those who read this get my point. Let's stop wasting our time judging others. Tomorrow you can look forward to hearing about my tattoo experience and seeing some photos. As always I would love to hear from you!

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