October 7, 2011

Closed Forms

I snapped a shot of what I've been working on in the pottery studio lately. I've been continuing my practice with cylinders but have turned them into closed forms. When making a closed form you start with a cylinder shape but then slowly bring in the top of the piece so it starts to be more the shape of a bottle. You bring the top together until both sides meet and then seal it so air is trapped inside. It really is quite fun to do. The possibilities of what you can do with a closed form are endless. In the past I turned them into toothbrush holders. Recently I learned that they can be made into jars. When the closed form is on the wheel you use a tool to cut out some of the clay where you will be separating the lid from the base. I was so excited when I realized I created the shape of an Acorn. Now I just need to make 99 more... I hope it makes it through the bisque and glaze process.

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