October 11, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday (Corks)

Did you know that Portugal is the largest producer of wine corks in the world? In Portugal the cork trees are actually protected by law and can only be harvested once every nine years. The awesome thing about cork harvesting is that it's not necessary to cut down the tree to get the cork. The cork is just carefully stripped off and it regenerates back again.

I have quite a collection of corks myself. I've been saving them up from all over the place for quite a while. My original plan was to make a large bulletin board for my kitchen. Now that's turned into wanting to save enough to create a back-splash. Then I saw this mural idea...I guess I'll just keep collecting them. I'm gonna need a lot more for whichever project I choose. In the meantime I decided to use just a few of them for card making. Tomorrow I'll share just how I did that.

Check out this amazing cork mosaic located in Albania. It only took 229,764 corks!

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