October 5, 2011

Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour

This past weekend we got in the car and drove down what they call the Blue Highway to go on a tour of pottery. It was an event put on by 16 talented artists and included 4 stops. The first stop for us was the Florence Mill. This is a historic site that's open year round for tours. The character of the mill made a great environment for displaying pottery. The next stop was Dennison Pottery. This was a working studio and home on an amazing piece of property. Too Far North Wines & Wine Tasting was the third and most crowed stop so we didn't stay for long. It was a fun place filled with personality I wouldn't mind going back sometime when it's not so crowded. The last stop was Big Table Studios this was also a working studio and home and by far was my favorite stop. They had many pieces displayed outside. The natural setting was breathtaking. I really enjoyed how the pieces were displayed at this location. It was a rustic feel which brought such harmony between the pieces and their environment. I didn't know what to expect on this tour but I really enjoyed it. I left FULL of inspiration. If you are in the area this time next year you should definitely check it out. Enjoy pictures below!

I saw a squirrel on this fence when we were driving by so I screamed for my husband to stop.
We scared the squirrel away but I still got a beautiful picture. We saw hints of fall displayed all along the drive.

This was another picture I had to stop and get along the drive.

I loved these doors!

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