October 18, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday (packing material)

If you're at all like me when you go to prepare a package for shipping you use what ever you can find around the house to protect the goodies inside. One day I realized that my shredder makes the best packing material and I always have enough of that available.

Do you have a shredder?
The little shreds of paper are actually quite beautiful with the bits of color running throughout. If you have a fun paper like old wrapping paper that you no longer would use you can run that through the shredder. Then you have colorful shreds that make great basket or gift box lining.

When I pack a box I add a layer of the shredded paper to the bottom first. 

Next if the goodies aren't wrapped I add a layer of tissue paper to prevent the little shreds from getting all over.
Lastly I add some more shredded paper to the top and sides so that the goodies don't move around. 

As far as I know this method works well, no one has told me otherwise. Do you have any other great uses for shredded paper? I would love to hear them!


  1. I put them in my compost pile . . .

  2. We also shredded papers whenever we have packages for shipping. It's one of the cool ways to protect your goodies inside. Aside from shredded papers, you can also use old pillows or foam mattresses (if you're not using them anymore) for a more artistic and personalized look.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I never thought of using old pillows and foam mattresses in that way, brilliant.


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