August 13, 2011

An American Tradition

I'm sure it's different for everyone but there is something about a fair that attracts both the young and the old. Maybe its the shimmering lights, the thrill of a ride, smell of the farm animals or the fried assortment of delicacies. I love it ALL!

My husband was about to turn the car around and drive us back home when I started practicing my various barn animal noises. I couldn't contain my EXCITEMENT any longer! To be honest the real reason we drove the couple hours to this state fair was for the none other than the BUTTER.  The state of Iowa prides itself on the Butter Cow and boy do I love anything to do with butter. 

This was definitely the BIGGEST fair I've ever been to. I couldn't believe we needed a map to find our way around. There was one major problem with the map though. It didn't tell us where to find the Fried Butter. Yes you read that correctly FRIED Butter. After circling the main food area a couple times we finally found it! At last I would get to sink my teeth into Fried Butter, something I've been wanting to try for quite some time now. The wait in line was long but it was so worth it. As crazy as it may sound to some Fried Butter is scrumptious! I was amazed that they use an entire stick of butter for these treats and the butter actually stays intact through the frying process.

Below you can take a photo tour of some of the memories we captured during our time at the fair.  What do you like most about going to a fair? Whats the craziest fried food you've tried?

This is the famous Butter Cow
 or should I say Cow of Butter.
It's a cow sculpted out of butter
they keep behind refrigerated glass.

Ever see a cow get a shower?
and they call her Tiny...

I enjoyed hunting for all the whimsicly painted
 little cow sculptures.

Cheese curds and the BIGGEST corn dog ever!


  1. How do they make fried butter? What did it taste like?
    As for the fair, I like the different smells all coming together.
    The strangest fried food I've tried is just fried okra. I didn't like the seeds much...

  2. The fried butter we had they made starting with a stick of frozen butter on a wooden skewer. Then they dipped it in a honey cinnamon batter. Next they deep fried it. It tasted like a buttery sweet roll and was amazing.

    MMMmmm I like fried okra!

  3. I have to admit, the fried butter sounds awesome! Is it only available at fairs??

  4. I don't know if it's available somewhere else. You could try to make it at home! Maybe a smaller version like frozen little balls of butter dipped in a pancake batter. I think the key is hot oil so the outside cooks faster than the inside.


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