August 29, 2011

Lauritzen Gardens

I recently took a day to explore the botanical gardens in Omaha. It's not exactly peak season for flowers right now. But this garden had an amazing display of outdoor ceramic sculptures made by Jun Kaneko.  It was a day filled with inspiration! The contrast between the sculptures and the natural setting was breathtaking.

The Lauritzen Gardens  is also well known for it's Model Railroad Garden. The model trains continuously travel through carefully crafted miniature communities, countrysides and landscapes which represent the Midwest.  The settings were made entirely from natural materials including: twigs, bark, berries, gourds, cinnamon sticks and pine cones. I spent quite a while in awe of this whimsical place. It draws the imagination out of both the young and the old. By far this is one of the favorite attractions of the Lauritzen Gardens.

I'm sure that you have some type of public garden near you that you can visit if you haven't already. They are wonderful places that often have much more to enjoy than just the flowers. I hope that you will be inspired to get out and enjoy such a place! Below you can see some of the pictures I took from my day at Lauritzen Gardens. Let me know which one is your favorite!

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  1. Those train scenes are so cool! I'm sure Owen would love to visit a place like that! I like the crazy patterns amidst the natural setting. :)


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