August 23, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday (eyebrows)

Today will start a new tradition for my blog, that is if I can keep up with it. I regularly share random "fun" facts with those around me. Often I can't remember where these random facts come from or what sparks me to share them in the first place. I guess I'm kinda like a sponge. I absorb stuff from all over the place and when I start to get full I let a little out.

Maybe by releasing some of these random facts, or as I like to call them Tidbits, the awkward situations I create by blurting out a fact that has nothing to do with the conversation will decrease. My husband can only hope for such a thing to happen.

Tidbit #1
 Have you ever noticed that the famous Mona Lisa was painted with no eyebrows? Do you know why? That's because in Florence, Italy during the Renaissance it was the fashion for women to shave them off.

And you thought women do crazy things for beauty these days...

I had the privilege of viewing the Mona Lisa in person. This was the best picture I could get.
 I've never seen such a large crowd of people around a painting before!

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  1. I remember seeing "Mona Lisa" w/ you! I will have to see if I have an up close shot and really look at it ...neat-o fact!


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