August 19, 2011

What else can you do with Wheat Germ?

At my house we almost always have the fixins available to make parfaits. We like all kinds of fruit and I think I've officially become a Greek yogurt addict. I especially enjoy parfaits for breakfast because it leaves me feeling great for much longer than just a bowl of cereal usually does. I went to go make a parfait the other day and was saddened that we were out of granola. That's when I decided to try it with some Wheat Germ sprinkled on top. It was delicious! Now I find myself using the Wheat Germ sprinkled on my parfaits even if we do have granola. For the parfait in the picture below I used honey flavored Greek yogurt, peaches,  blueberries and strawberries with Wheat Germ sprinkled over the top. Let me know if you have any good ideas for using Wheat Germ?


  1. My mom used to add it to pancake batter to make it healthier...but I never knew it was supposed to be crunchy! Maybe the cooking made it soft?

  2. Did you like the pancakes? Did they taste any different?

  3. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word crunchy because it wasn't crunchy in the meat loaves either. I probably should have said nutty. I've had a couple handfuls by itself and it's crunchy. I really like the stuff is that weird?

  4. I loved the pancakes; they were a bit thicker and heavier, but more like multi-grain. Of course, I haven't had those in over a decade (I think - I'm old!), but I would definitely eat them again.
    Maybe I'll have to buy some to see if I like it as much as you... :)


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