August 11, 2011


My ADORATION for plants began in college. My boyfriend who was distracted by having shoulder surgery forgot Valentines Day. He made it up to me though by sending me the most beautiful Bonsai Tree. I was so excited to have something to care for and add life to my dreary dorm room. I promptly went out and bought a book about Bonsai Tree's and a pair of pruners. The running joke was that if I could keep this tree alive then he would get me a fish and if that worked out I might be considered as marriage material. Apparently it went well because we are happily married 7 years later.

My dear Bonzi looking out my dorm room window. Rest in Peace.

I adored this tree so much I even gave him a name Bonzi Garbonzo. I painstakingly cared for that tree all throughout college and moved him from Tennessee to Virginia to North Carolina. He thrived through it all! I can remember having to get him a new pot because his roots were growing so well. There was an amazing Bonsai speciality store in Wilmington, NC where my Grandpa lives. I'll never forget that day my Grandpa brought Bonzi his new home. It was a rectangular ceramic pot with detailed corners, glazed in a delightful teal. The best part was he also got Bonzi a friend! From that day on Bonzi had a charming scultpture to sit in his soil and keep him company.

Bonzi was with me during some momentous occasions! I was excited to take him across the country with us on our big adventure to Colorado. There is something about a plant that makes a house feel like home.  I knew nothing about Colroado when I moved there. I had no idea that the high altitude would suck the life out of my Bonzi. I tried to revive him by gingerly pruning back his branches. But to no avail he fell fast asleep to never wake again. What a wonderful life that Bonzi lived! He sure brought me much happiness.

While I was in Colorado I tried many times to grow other plants. They would only survive for a short period of time. I never could figure that climate out, but I never gave up! Now I'm in a new place here in the Midwest and so far it doesn't seem as hard to grow things. I'm sure the aweful HUMIDITY has something to do with it.

I hope to have my own garden one day but since I don't have the ideal space for that I must be satisfied with gowing potted plants on my patio. I was blessed my mom was with me this year to help me pick out some beauties. We decided to try one of those hanging upside down tomato plants and it actually works! It's not the healthiest tomato plant I've ever seen but it's been producing lovely orange heirloom tomoatoes.

I also got an amazing purple Basil plant, Thyme, Cilantro and Lavender. Unfortunately the Cilantro and Lavender are no longer with us but at least I tried.

Blanca my dog found some water inside one of the pots.

We also made up are own arrangement in this giant blue plannter I have. I can't remember the names of the plants we planted in there but they have done well. It was fun to experiement with different varieties and watch them grow together.Considering its August my plants have done pretty well and they are even still bringing life to our patio. 

I learned something new recently about watering plants! It's important to give your plants a good soak once a week rather than a little water everyday. Giving your plants a good soak once a week trains the roots to establish themselves deeper. Do you have any good advice for me about plants? I would love it if you left me a comment!

This is Amos my indoor Aloe plant. I'm amazed he survied an entire year in a 3rd grade classroom
and a big move. It must be that sculpture. The spirit of Bonzi lives on!

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