August 12, 2011

Latest Ceramic Creations

You may wonder why there is an acorn in the title of my blog. That's my signature! You'll find it on the bottom of all my pieces of pottery.

I learned how to throw pottery when I was in college and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Lucky for me when I moved to the Midwest I found a great place where I can continue to develop my skills. Ultimately I desire to share my pottery with others and it be my career.

Sculpture meets function in the form of a cup.

Recently I've had an obsession with throwing the tiniest pots. I especially like it when someone is in disbelief that I actually threw it on the wheel. Surprisingly its more challenging then you would think. There is something magical about really tiny pottery. They cry to be held and admired.

I have a vision for my tiny pots! I want to make thousands of them, enough to fill an entire wall in a gallery. I'm talking a HUGE display of  tiny precariously stacked pots!


Of course tiny pots have a practical use!


  1. I love the tiny pots! When they're stacked, they remind me of those water fountains made of the bigger pots. :)

  2. I never thought of that before but they do look like those fountains!


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