August 17, 2011


How many envelopes do you get in the mail everyday? How many of them get thrown in the trash? Hopefully after you read this post you will think twice about throwing all those envelopes away.

It's always EXCITING to me when the mail arrives! Unlike my husband I especially like the bills. The bills always come in the best envelopes. With envelopes the beauty definitely lies on the inside. Have you ever noticed the pretty patterns that line envelopes? It's amazing how many different patterns are out there and it's a thrill to find one I've never seen before!

Did you know the inside of envelopes had so much variety? I love it when I find blue ones!
There are so many fun things you can do with the inside of an envelope. I've used them as backgrounds in scrapbooks and to create elements for cards. My 3rd grade students also loved to create things with the fun patterns found on the inside of envelopes. So if you have kids or just work with them it's something fun for them to cut up, doodle on and create with. The best part is that your reusing envelopes in a creative way instead of just adding them to the trash pile.

Often I stamp critters or objects onto the envelope pattern to create depth and give them some texture.

Here are some cards I've made with the help of envelopes.

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