August 9, 2011

WELCOME to my Blog!

This Blog is a place where I can exercise my creative muscle. A place where I hope to inspire and be inspired.

I've recently moved to the Midwest, a place I never thought I would live. I grew up seeing the GORGEOUS Blue Ridge mountains everyday and had an easy drive to get to the beach. Then my husband and I moved to the WILD west where I promptly fell in love with the state of Colorado, although I didn't realize how much in love I was until I had to leave. Now I'm left in a state with neither mountains nor an easy drive to the beach.

My location is not the only thing new that I'm experiencing right now. I also am looking at new job prospects, friends and the best thing is I got a brand new camera. Somehow I convinced my husband that now is the best time to get a new camera. I've always enjoyed taking pictures and we've been to some beautiful places that have given us opportunities to take some great shots. Unfortunately our old camera didn't allow us to blow those shots up. I'm looking forward to sharing pictures taken from my new camera and growing in my photo taking skills. What better time for me to start a blog than now?

Although my location has changed and my life is in transition I still create everyday. Because creating is what keeps me feeling alive. I hope this can be an inspiration for you to continue to do what keeps you feeling alive despite your circumstances or time constraints. We all have passions. Whats yours?

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